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2019-2020 Emerald Belle Officer Line

Kinsy Smith 

Sr. Lieutenants 
Emily Kennedy
Mackenzie Matwick
Kelli Nusspickel 

Jr. Lieutenants 
Tara Butler
Emma Fraga
Aspen Meadows

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Emerald Belles: High Kick Girls Group Make Howie Mandel EAT His Words!

The Award Winning Emerald Belles


Dragon Gems ​

Begins June 2020

For Incoming Southlake Carroll

7th and 8th Graders

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2019-2020 Emerald Belle Social Officers


Alyssa Ihle

Grace Brownfield & Danielle Dominici

Social Chairmen
Ashley Armstrong & Chloe Klonowski

Motivational Leaders
 Katie Connell & Sara Stroope

Spirit Leaders
Jourdan Blight, Sabrina Koh, &

Caroline Reynal

Peyton Alexander & Ava Grace Hall​
Emma McCall & Lilly Risenhoover

The Emerald Belles Dance Team is Super-Sized drill team from Texas with a long-standing tradition of excellence.  Over the past 22 years, under the direction of Melissa Page, this super-sized team has won many State, National and International titles as well performances as the featured entertainment for Carnival and Royal Caribbean Cruise lines.  In 2017, Belles were featured on CMT’s Making of Dallas Cowboys Cheerleadersas the “WOW” top performance from College and High School teams.  In 2018, our program was featured on the opening segment of NBC Sunday Night Football as a long Texas Tradition. What makes this team unique is that they perform the first half of the school year as a traditional high kick drill team performing on Friday night football games and the second half of the year the team completely transitions into an award-winning competitive dance team.

As one of the largest drill teams in the country, our team ranges yearly anywhere from 80-100 girls. It takes more than talent to make this team of champions.  The girls must be committed to training every morning at 6:45 am before school begins, sometimes after school, weekends and holidays all while maintaining a high academic standard.  One special fact that makes this team stand out is Mrs. Page fosters an environment of Positivity.  She believes in empowering her girls to become leaders and teaches them to embrace the differences among the team.  This Power of Positivity message the Mrs. Page has fostered over this past 20 years has not only proven to be successful on the field but she has built an alumni network of over 10,000 women.  

There are many dance forms of dance featured on television today however, high kick is rarely represented. We want to show the world our creativity through this traditional dance form.  To win AGT would mean everything to us.  It would validate that all of the hard work and dedication that we have all put into this team.  It would also elevate the message to the world that school programs can be successful and are essential in fostering positivity and success for teenagers.  

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Massive Dance Team Performs Stunning High Kick To Britney Spears 

Emerald Belles Texas High Kick Dance Group Is HUGE!

New 2019-2020 Southlake Carroll Emerald Belles Card!
The Emerald Belles will soon be selling their annual discount cards.  The cards are $20 each and have 29 total merchant discounts - threethis year are offering a one-time discount totaling a $40! There areeight new merchants on this years card.  The cards are valid through July 31st 2020.  Help support our team and purchase a Belle card.

Dragon Card Fundraiser

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Southlake’s Got Talent​​

Emerald Belles Drill Team Earns National Spotlight.