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"Camp Carroll"
Just a reminder that "Camp Carroll" AKA Belle Summer Camp is always 2 weeks prior to school starting.  Actual dates will be posted soon. 


Mandatory tryout meeting for all candidates will be on TUESDAY, April 5th, 2016 in the Carroll Senior High School gymnasium at 7:30pm. The parent or candidate must attend this meeting.  (Exact information on requirements, dates, rules, times of practices, etc. will be given at this meeting.)

 **Tryout Clinic:  4/26 – 4/28 (4:15 – 6:15pm)
**Tryouts:  April 29 (4:15pm)

Jr Belle Clinic for K - 1st
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 Jr Belle Clinic for 2nd – 4th
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Jr Belle Workshop for 5th – 8th
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Dragon Card Fundraiser

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Emerald Belles Constitution
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The 2015-2016 Emerald Belle Officers

Jessica Bowman

1st Lieutenants
Laurel Kavanagh
Sophia Parrish

Junior Lieutenants
Claire Berutti
Ashley Estridge
Peyton Faltys
Ryleigh Malloy
Claire McCoy

2015-2016 Emerald Belle Social Officers

Kayli Jones & Emma Joy

Kristen Gentry & Morgan Kay

Social Chairmen
Elizabeth Garcia & Natalie Seitz

Motivational Leaders
Haylee Spriggs & Ana Warner

Spirit Leaders
Mackenzie Lowenstein &
Elizabeth Meyer

Taylor Thibodeau

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The Award Winning Emerald Belles

New Varsity Emerald Belles 2015-2016

Jessica Ahner

Hanna Bradle

Kelsey Bunner

Danielle Chagnot

Josette Chang

Collete Chang

Caroline Collins

Emily Fillers

Caroline Garcia

Alyssa Gray

Jacqueline Hall

Hannah Hallab

Carolina Hernandez

Marissa Howell

Holly Hughes

Kathryn Larkin

Rachael Lilly

Mackenzie Lusk

Avery Mackie

Delaney Malloy

Molly McKinnon

Kaitlyn Nusspickel

Ellis Oliveaux

Isabella Papadimitriou

Delaney Rea

Logan Reid

Avery Sadler

Jessica Shultz

Audrey Sloane

Evie Smith

Kenna Thibodeau

Amanda Walker

Elisa Wang

Emma Weiss

Leah West

                         New JV Emerald Belles 2015-2016

Ava Bennett

Meg Camele

Tiana Cantu

Hannah Chernik

Ashley Curtis

Abbey Flaherty

Lindsey Flexer

Mackenzie Geisel

Gracie Gray

Shazia Hakemy

Sunny Hakemy

Christa Kim

Chelsea McCall

Macy McFarlin

Erin Merimonti

Elizabeth Mrasek

Hannah New

Hannah Phillips

Vision Quereau

Katherine Reynal

Julia Sanders

Eileen Tak

Emerald Belles Win Many of the Top Awards at the MA Nationals!

The Emerald Belles competed at MA Nationals March 20-21st at the Fort Worth Convention Center and were awarded 6th place overall! The Belles entered in three dance categories and won 1st place in High Kick, 1st place in Lyrical, and 2nd place in Jazz.


The Officers were awarded 1st place in Jazz, 1st place in Contemporary, and 1st place in Lyrical. They were named in Officer Winner's Circle for being in the top 5 highest scoring officer groups.


Several Belles competed in solos, duets, and ensembles. In the 11/12 Solo Division Addie Perkins won 6th place, Laurel Kavanagh 13th place, and Jessica Bowman 14th place. In the 9/10 Solo Division Erica Darrah placed 9th.

Claire Berutti and Peyton Faltys entered a duet and were awarded 5th place. Shivani Chandra, Lauren Dooley, Lauren Teeuws, Ryleigh Malloy, Catherine Brannon, Madisyn Daniel, Claire McCoy, Bethany Sauls, Kelly Alspaw, and Ashley Greene entered a high kick routine in the large ensemble division and won 1st place.

MA Nationals Competition Videos 2015
Team Kick (First Place)
Team Lyrical (First Place)
Team Jazz (Second Place)

Officer Jazz (First Place)
Officer Lyrical (First Place                             
Officer Contemporary (First Place)

Emerald Belles Win the Overall Grand Champion Award at the Crowd Pleasers Drill Team Competition!
The Emerald Belles competed at the Crowd Pleasers drill team contest on February 20-21 and won first place Overall out of the entire competition! They were named Overall Grand Champion and received trophies, banner, and a winner's  check. The Belles also won their division as well as 1st place in High Kick, Jazz, and Lyrical. They were awarded the Highest Scoring Dance of the Day for their high-kick routine, Outstanding Technique, Precision, and Choreography. The jazz and high kick both placed 1st Overall out of every division.

The Belle Officers (Addie Perkins, Aspen Reid, Cheylee Weigel, Jordan Young, Jessica Bowman, Laurel Kavanagh and Sophia Parrish) competed in the Officer Division and received 1st Runner-Up Overall, 1st in lyrical, 1st in Jazz, 2nd in Contemporary, and Outstanding Technique, Precision, and Choreography.

Junior/Senior Solos
In the Junior/Senior Solo Division Addie Perkins and Jessica Bowman were awarded 2nd place, Laurel Kavanagh 3rd place, and Sophia Parrish 4th place.

Freshman/Sophomore Solos
In the Freshman/Sophomore Solo Division Claire McCoy won 2nd place and Ashley Estridge 3rd place.

Duet Division
In the Duet Division Claire Berutti and Peyton Faltys received 2nd place.

Medium Ensemble Division
Shivani Chandra, Lauren Dooley, Lauren Teeuws, Catherine Brannon, Ryleigh Malloy, Morgan Kay, Madisyn Daniel, Claire McCoy, Bethany Sauls, Kelly Alspaw, Audrey Vestal, and Ashley Greene entered in the medium ensemble division and were awarded 3rd place.

The Belles are under the direction of Melissa Page and assisted by Kathryn Dobrow.

Crowd Pleasers Competition Videos 2015
                                            Team Kick  
                                           Team Lyrical
                                            Team Jazz
                                            Officer Jazz
                                            Officer Lyrical
                                       Officer Contemporary
                    To view the photo album, please click here.

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